AltarNative Arts Pop-Up Care Cards… 

  • Empower chaplains, clergy, and caregivers to confidently engage in interfaith interactions, and meet patients where they are, while honoring diversity of faith traditions and spiritual preferences.

  • Are excellent tools to build rapport and trust with patients while meeting standards of assessing and addressing spiritual needs within the context of healthcare.

  • Can effectively create connection and facilitate conversations on tender topics, helping patients to explore fear and anxiety, grapple with grief, face a new diagnosis, search for meaning and purpose, and make peace with their own (or a loved one’s) mortality.

  • Are carefully researched and designed using sacred images and prayers, with care taken to consult people of each represented faith, for each design.

  • Have been specifically created in direct response to patients’ needs, stand up on their own, and are conveniently sized to sit upon hospital tray tables.

Rev. Jen Miller is an interfaith minister, a chaplain, a writer, an illustrator, and the creative force behind AltarNativeArts.com. Rev. Jen has designed and created the original line of Pop-Up Care Cards, including AltarNative Angels, a growing selection of faith-specific prayer cards, and secular cards for wellbeing.


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