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The Grace of Our Lady

Cards in Action: With one foot in our world and one foot in the next, she lay in bed, weeping and crying out for her mama. She no longer recognized her husband of 50 years, and had ceased speaking. Her eyes tracked movement in the upper corners of the hospital room. I provided anointing at her husband’s request, and folded a Virgen de Guadalupe prayer card. Handing it to her, I said “para fuerza y animo”. For strength and courage. She wept more as she kissed the card and drew it to her chest. I knelt by her bed, took her hand and sang Ave Maria, as her husband sobbed.
A few more words, a quiet exit…. Two days later a staff chaplain relays their request that I return: “We don’t know if you can find her, she might be an angel… but please send her, if you see her!” They had said. I return to a smiling woman, sitting in a chair, who recognizes me, greets me. Her husband is there, telling me how she began speaking after I left- telling him God had given her a second chance. For now, she has returned consciousness to the Earthly plane- for a little while longer.